Careers / Career opportunities and development

Career Opportunities & Development

We have created a robust career development system where we act as the catalyst to all employees furthering themselves and their chosen career paths. This development is primarily led by your drive and motivation to progress, but our team is set up to facilitate career development through training, coaching, performance management systems and regular appraisals.
The Company is committed to supporting Employees in the realistic development of their careers within the Company. The approach used is one of providing policies, programmes, and management support to assist the Employee in his/her career development.

New to Oil and Gas?

Not everyone was born with oil in their veins, our business is reliant upon all business functions performing at their optimal level to succeed. Our employees come from many varied backgrounds and industries. When we recruit we take into account a wide spectrum of transferable skills and key competencies.
This diverse experience is a benefit to the organisation, as we can draw upon new knowledge, ideas, skills, and insights to gain a deeper understanding of the business. We encourage the team to explore new initiatives and methodologies that will drive the business forward. These new processes and techniques are built on strong internal relationships which in turn creates an engaging environment throughout the business.

Competency Development Assurance

We have a commitment to all our people, we understand that our employees are our most valuable asset. The creation of our Competence Development Assurance Programme is a reflection of this and an investment in your career development and growth. Competence assurance aims to ensure that you perform your job to the highest international standards, thereby contributing to a safer working environment. The Competence Development Assurance Programme highlights the skills, knowledge, and experience that you need to perform your day-to-day job in a competent and safe manner.

Performance Management

The Company is dedicated to providing a work environment that enables employees to achieve their full potential. Our Performance Management System supports this aim. It is designed specifically to support Employees to use their skills and abilities to contribute towards achieving our corporate goals and develop personal capabilities.
Whilst there is a structured performance management cycle, we recognise the need for continuous feedback and discussion between appraiser and appraisee. The Performance Management Cycle may capture the overall expectations over a year, the continuous feedback day-to-day and week-to-week is still required and highly valued in order to manage the real-time workload and expectations in a dynamic environment.