Careers / UAE national careers

Full Time Employment

It is our aim to attract, develop and retain the best-qualified employees to help us reach our long-term business goals. Any approved vacancy will be filled with the most appropriate and qualified candidates. As a Dubai based organization, we actively seek UAE National talent.

UAE National Intillaq Programme

Dubai Petroleum Establishments vision is to develop the business and general life-skills of young United Arab Emirates Nationals seeking their first job through the provision of a structured two-year programme. Upon successful completion, the Fixed Term Contract will expire and the individuals will be responsible for their ongoing development thereafter. If the business identifies an opportunity for a candidate either during the programme or upon its completion, they may be approached accordingly.

UAE National Graduate Development Programme

We have an ongoing responsibility to discover and support tomorrow's industry experts. As such we have created a 2 year UAE National Graduate Development Programme. We have designed graduate programmes in both technical and non-technical disciplines. These appointments center around ongoing individual development plans, coaching and mentoring. During the programme, we will identify exceptional UAE Nationals who excel in their chosen field and offer unlimited contracts on or before the two-year scheme concludes, if opportunities are available.

UAE National Part Time Employment

Our commitment to nurturing UAE National talent extends to offering part-time positions.