Fateh Field

The oldest of the five fields, Fateh began operations in 1969. The field consists of 47 platforms, including 31 satellite wellhead platforms and 16 central complex platforms.

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These central complexes separate oil, gas, and water prior to processing. Once this process is complete the oil is stored offshore in the Khazzans, before it is exported.

The satellite wellhead platforms are connected to the central complex platforms by subsea multiphase, lift gas, and water injection pipelines and subsea cables for electrical power.

Production from all Fateh satellite wellhead platforms and from South West Fateh flow via subsea lines to the Fateh central complex. Once separated the oil is stored in the submerged Khazzans oil storage vessels. The last stage sees the oil pumped into oil tankers offshore.

Processed gas is used as lift and fuel gas and for reinjection as part of an Enhanced Oil Recovery process.

The Fateh Field has its own seawater treatment and injection facilities, that provide treated, high-pressure water to the satellite wellhead platforms through a subsea and surface piping network.

We currently operate a total of 75 subsea pipelines across the Fateh field, including multiple transfer pipelines between the other 4 fields.