South West (SW) Fateh Field

The South West Fateh field was discovered in 1972, production began three years later. The field consists of 23 platforms, including 13 satellite wellhead platforms and 10 bridge linked central complex platforms.

  •  Discovered 
  •  Platforms
  •  Subsea pipelines 



All satellite well production flows via sub-sea lines to the South West Fateh central complex. It then passes through the South West Fateh separator and finally exported to Fateh field for further separation and storage.

Gas is sent to gas processing and export facilities. Processed gas is used as a lift gas and fuel gas.

The South West Fateh Field’s seawater treatment and injection facilities provide treated, high-pressure water to satellite well platforms through an South West Fateh’s central complex.

We currently operate a total of 43 subsea pipelines across the South West Fateh field, including multiple transfer pipelines between South West Fateh and both Falah and Fatah.