Advanced Design Engineering

Using 3D Modelling Tools

Plugging of subsea pipe inside a confined space 50 meters below water.


Using Laser scanning engineering

The majority of Dubai Petroleum’s projects are executed on existing facilities in an offshore brownfield environment whereby the retrieval of precise as-built existing information is vital. 

3D laser scanning services have rapidly become an invaluable means of capturing detailed and accurate 3D representations of the existing physical brownfield environment. 


The scanning process is rapid, safe and non-invasive, making it ideal for surveying hazardous, challenging or even restricted areas commonly found offshore.  The collected data is of exceptional quality and can be used in its raw format, developed into a highly intuitive photorealistic image or, with advances in 3D design software, can be converted into both intelligent or non-intelligent AutoCAD 3D Models.



The scan data provides the design team with detailed accurate as-built knowledge of the site, therefore removing the risk of error resulting from manual measurement and enabling the designer to progress with the proposed design rather than spending time on site gathering necessary information. The byproduct of laser scanning delivers significant benefits which include, increased data collection efficiency and accuracy, rapid and accurate development of the proposed design,  cost and schedule reduction, improved planning and project visualization, and risk mitigation.

Throughout the design, engineering and construction phases, the 3D model derived from the laser scan data has proven an instrumental tool in the success of delivering some of Dubai Petroleum’s key projects.