Drill the well on Simulator Training at Maersk Training facilities, DWC

The DPE Pre-Khuff drilling team worked together with MAERSK training technical instructors, on a specially developed programme, as part of the ‘pre-Khuff T03 well 8-1/2” section drill-the-well-on-simulator training’:  The DS-6000 simulator has been set up to mimic the NMOB surface set up, including the add-on MPD equipment allowing early kick detection and application of a surface back pressure) and the actual/planned T03 well parameters. The combined offshore crew (Noble senior drilling crew, Weatherford MPD Operators, Schlumberger Geoservices Mud loggers, drilling engineers and our DPE MOB drilling personnel) have gone through an extensive programme including practical exercises to prepare for all possible eventualities, to apply correct HPHT procedures and to react swiftly to well control situations and test team communication. The 8-1/2” hole section on Pre-Khuff T03 presents several challenges, the well features true wildcat sections, where pore pressure uncertainty exists and potential pressure ramps may be experienced.

4 separate sessions have been successfully delivered in February and March 2017. The sessions garnered an array of positive feedback, adding direct practical exposure and highlighting teamwork, all delivered in a timely fashion, with the drilling of the  8-1/2” section commencing March 2017.