Unconventional Oil


Shilaif Formation – an unconventional reservoir

Numerous tests have concluded that the Shilaif Formation is an example of an unconventional hydrocarbon reservoir. This formation is the source of the majority of offshore oil reserves in Dubai. The reason for its prodigious oil generation is the rich rock source featuring a high density of organic matter. The Shilaif Foundation is a wide-ranging formation that varies in ‘true vertical thickness’ between 100 and 400ft, usually found between two water-bearing formations: Mishrif and Mauddud.

We have successfully produced from Shilaif source rock in several different locations. A number of these tests were performed below the known field ‘oil-water contact’ which resulted in true  ‘dry oil’ production, which confirms the production originated directly from the source rock.



True pioneer

This type of production is not without challenges, in order to produce from the ultra-tight rock formations, a large volume of proppant and fluids were pumped, at high pressure, to multiple sections of the horizontal wells and subsequently into the reservoir to create fractures allowing the hydrocarbon fluids to flow. This type of proppant fracturing extraction was pioneered by our team in offshore locations.