We are committed to operating at the highest international standards, adhering strictly to local regulations and complying with the environmental management standard ISO 14001:2015.  

Our standards for minimising our impact included the prevention of spills and leak, maximising injection of gases to minimise flaring, and using energy as efficiently as possible.  Our produced water is discharged to the sea and meets or exceeds globally accepted standards.

As part of our sustainability focus, we have in place annual environmental improvement programs designed to improve our environmental performance.  We actively reduce utility usage, waste generation and increase recycling.  All wastes are properly disposed of responsibly to designated licensed waste disposal facilities.

Our offshore assets act as artificial reefs and attract a myriad of sea life.  As the life of a project develops, so too does the natural environment in which it resides.  Our teams have frequent visits from dolphins, rays, and even the occasional whale. During a clean-up of a large amount of plastic that had drifted into our field, we came across a rare and endangered Hawksbill Turtle trapped in the plastic. Our crews carefully removed the plastic from the turtle and released it back into the sea.



Climate change

At Dubai Petroleum we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint.  In line with the Dubai Governments approach to reducing energy consumption and producing more energy from renewable sources, we have been reducing our energy and water consumption year on year.  Furthermore we are actively reducing our electricity usage through the use of solar panel technology.