• Personal Safety
  • Process Safety
  • Emergency Planning
  • Risk Management

Personal safety

“If it cannot be done safely then don’t do it at all.”  This is a motto we live by, throughout the organisation.

Our team’s safety is something we take incredibly seriously and is something we will not compromise on.  We have implemented strict safety management systems to ensure a safe working environment for our employees, contractors, and visitors. We judge our success on our ability to keep all employees, contractor and visitors safe at all of our facilities. 

We have created ‘Eight Golden Rules’ to address the common health and safety risks that have the most severe consequences within the business. These rules are mandatory throughout the organisation, and we regularly audit our sites for compliance.


Helicopter passenger briefing video


Process safety

Process Safety is about minimising the risks of major accident hazards on and around our facilities, and we have summarized these in our “Cases for Safety”. We have created systems to ensure there are multiple barriers in place to both prevent an incident, but also to mitigate any potential incident occurring.


Emergency planning

The key to emergency preparedness is planning and practice.  Emergency plans are in place for all our operations, and regular drills ensure we know how to react in a real situation.  Emergency teams undergo regular training, and emergency equipment is routinely tested and maintained.  We strive to be prepared to effectively deal with any emergency that comes our way and work closely with the local government authorities to obtain a wider response if required.


Risk management

To minimise the chance of incidents occurring we strive to identify risks at source; all activities are subject to risk assessment. We encourage our team to identify unsafe acts or unsafe conditions before they have the chance to turn into accidents or incidents.  Everyone is empowered to “Stop the Job” when they believe there might be a potentially negative HSE issue.

As a business, we identify and review not only HSE risks but other risks to the business and we have continuity and recovery plans in place should they be required.