Dubai Petroleum Clinic

For over 30 years we have operated one of the foremost primary care and occupational health centers in Dubai, the DPE Clinic. 

Located onsite at our corporate HQ in Jumeirah, the clinic focuses on the occupational health of our employees, contractors and external customers.  We are committed to educating and recommending positive health care, education, and patient empowerment.  We have a team of qualified medical experts focused on the particular healthcare challenges of the oil and gas sector.  The clinic is also utilised by other oil and gas companies in the region.

Our clinic is fully licenced by the Dubai Health Authority, and we have Oil and Gas UK approved doctor.  The medical facility is operated as a “not for profit” entity and includes an in-house laboratory that is fully certified by ISO 15189:2012.  Being part of the DPE family the clinic is also certified by OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.


Oil & Gas UK And Other Offshore Medicals

Our shore-based medical team performs over 1,000 OGUK medicals annually for our employees, contractors and other external oil and gas companies.  We are aware of the unique requirements of the oil and gas community from both a commercial and operational perspective.  Our clinic provides a wide array of offshore medical services for many oil and gas operators in the region. 

We can issue same day certification at competitive prices, to satisfy your OGUK certification requirements.



Wellness And Other Fitness Medicals

We provide a comprehensive range of medicals including wellness medicals, pre-employment and periodic medicals, and specific work-related medicals, performed to the highest professional standard in the relaxed and comfortable surroundings of the Dubai clinic.

Our medicals are designed to:

  • evaluate general health
  • screen for risk factors and disease
  • provide preventive counseling and intervention
  • provide proactive advice and health education
  • detect incipient diseases and prevent further deterioration

Our comprehensive medicals can be tailored to meet the requirements of individual organisations. 


RPE Fit Testing

Certain roles require the wearing of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE). This type of protective equipment must be fitted correctly to each and every person; one size does not fit all. If it is not personalised to the wearer’s exact specifications it will leak and become ineffective.

In accordance with Dubai Municipality guidelines, we fit the RPE to the individual before they are allowed to be used.  To ensure a good fit we use the ambient aerosol Condensation Nuclei Counter (CNC) quantitative fit test.  Once issued each team member must complete an operational training course, conducted by our British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) trained and HSE certified team.


Drug And Alcohol Testing

We use drug testing to detect people taking illegal or banned drugs.  Drug and Alcohol testing can be used during pre-employment medicals, following an accident, or at random.  This level of oversight ensures the workplace remains free from drugs and alcohol.

Our clinic has a dedicated collection area where specimens are logged. This process is controlled to maintain a legal ‘Chain-Of-Custody’ (COC). Our Collections Officers test the provided sample, with the results being overseen by a Medical Review Officer (MRO).  The whole process is documented to ensure the results can stand up in a court of law.  If further confirmation is required a second test is performed by our partner lab in the UK. 


Adult Vaccination

We know children need regular vaccinations, but as adults, you also need to be aware of required vaccinations.  All vaccines have a shelf life and need an occasional top up. Many diseases are easily preventable with the correct adult vaccination. Our clinic has extensive information to ensure your vaccines are up to date. The clinic is also able to provide international travel vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis prescriptions.


Other Occupational Health Services

Our team has considerable experience across the healthcare spectrum, including occupational health.  We can help your organisation in areas such as surveillance of the work environment, identification of health hazards, assessment of health risks, and providing initiatives for promoting health.

We have specialised industry experts that can advise on topics including returning to work and rehabilitation, with a focus on offshore medical clearances.

Many advisory services are available pro bono to oil and gas companies.


Laboratory Services

Our clinic boasts an in-house laboratory that conducts all medically-related tests. This allows us to offer competitive pricing and fast test results. Our laboratory is ISO 15189 certified giving our patients, clients and treating doctors the confidence in our test results.